The Comedy Legacy: Chapter 1.5

Welcome back to the Comedy Legacy where we haven’t seen anything funny happen yet! lol! We left off with the new twins being born, Ross and Joey. Let’s see how well we survive this!

02-23-20_9-54-25 PM

Rachel is not happy about her new siblings!

02-23-20_9-54-53 PM

They are needy babies as soon as they get home! Yikes!

02-23-20_9-55-49 PM

Rachel takes out her frustrations on the bookshelf of course!

02-23-20_9-58-15 PM

Johnny gets a call saying he is late for work….for some reason I couldn’t make him take a family leave day when Siya went into labour. He also can’t take one now so I guess he is going to work late and leaving Siya with the 3 kids!

02-23-20_10-01-00 PM

These babies have been around for 4 hours and have both had 2 dirty diapers each….I have never had babies so needy!

02-23-20_10-26-28 PM

Siya gets a chance to parent Rachel a bit.

02-23-20_10-33-50 PM

We decide to send Siya in for her night shift mostly to give her a break from the babies at home lol she looks so happy about it!

02-23-20_10-36-33 PM

Johnny is on parenting duty while she is gone.

02-23-20_10-37-46 PM

Hi Brittni!

02-23-20_10-42-24 PM

Johnny gets to have a nice chat with Brittni while he eats his breakfast!

02-23-20_10-49-38 PM

Yep! I am probably crazy but I want them to have at least one more baby to try and keep Siya young a bit longer! I will probably regret this decision! lol

02-23-20_10-50-36 PM

This lady is apparently a friend of Siya’s and asked to come over so we let her hoping that she might randomly help out around the house lol. Her name is Melina Blake.

02-23-20_10-51-35 PM

She mostly just gets in the way when I try to get Siya to take care of the needy babies….

02-23-20_10-52-49 PM

And she ignores Rachel when she tries to socialize with her…..

02-23-20_10-55-53 PM

Rachel is aging up soon so let’s look at her skills so far! Since this was taken she leveled up to level 3 in Thinking.

02-23-20_11-13-52 PM

More taking care of super needy babies!

02-23-20_11-14-55 PM

Siya somehow managed to come home with a promotion! Yay!

02-23-20_11-21-58 PM

Then she fell asleep on the couch because she is constantly exhausted.

02-23-20_11-22-22 PM

With promotion and scavenging money we managed to build a girl’s bedroom! It is mostly big and empty but I wanted to have room in here in case Rachel needs to share it with a sister later on.

02-23-20_11-24-39 PM

Johnny tries to get Rachel to earn more skill points before she ages up.

02-23-20_11-26-53 PM

Birthday time for Rachel!

02-23-20_11-28-15 PM

And Joey!

02-23-20_11-28-44 PM

And Ross!

02-23-20_11-35-26 PM

Here is Joey! He got the Wild Trait….wonderful!

02-23-20_11-36-19 PM

Here is Ross! He got the Independent Trait.

02-24-20_8-25-23 AM

Here is Rachel After her makeover! She got the Music Lover Trait and her Aspiration is Art Prodigy (I think? lol)

02-24-20_8-25-40 AM

I am constantly forgetting which one I dressed in Red and which one in White….They seem to be identical. I had to re-open my game while I was writing this because I didn’t write down who was who lol.

02-24-20_8-33-48 AM

Breaking news! They are still super needy!

02-24-20_8-33-59 AM

Nobody in the house can keep up with them! I have had twins many times but I have never struggled THIS much with them!

02-24-20_8-34-09 AM

Poor Siya works all night and constantly gets woken up by kids all day!

02-24-20_8-35-06 AM

Had to wake her up to Potty train…..Joey….sorry had to check my notes again lol

02-24-20_8-35-31 AM

While Ross destroyed stuff in the dresser…..

02-24-20_8-37-18 AM

Johnny also managed an exhausted promotion somehow! Yay!

02-24-20_8-39-56 AM

Oh my Goodness! One of them actually stopped moving!!!!

02-24-20_8-40-20 AM

Neat sims are awesome! Cleaning all the messes that accumulated while he was gone brings up his fun!

02-24-20_8-43-27 AM

We let Siya take a Family leave day tonight because she is constantly exhausted and the new baby will be here soon.

02-24-20_8-47-17 AM

Johnny manages to get one of the toddlers into bed for a short time. Johnny and Siya pretty much always have either red or orange plumbobs since the twins were born.

02-24-20_9-01-07 AM

We got our little music lover a violin! Hoping she can maybe max this skill at some point!

02-24-20_7-42-31 PM

Trying to bring up her fun and job performance but of course one of the boys needs her…..notice the orange plumbob?

02-24-20_7-44-20 PM

We hired a one time maid service to help us out a bit. We also ordered a pizza but it never showed up so Siya still had to cook.

02-24-20_7-50-31 PM

Johnny and OneofthetwinsIdon’tknowwhichone are waiting for the bath to be available because Siya ran in there after peeing herself beside the bed….

02-24-20_7-52-55 PM

Red plumbob guy kneels in a puddle to bathe needy toddler!

02-24-20_8-02-48 PM

Hi Brittni! And oh my goodness it is after midnight on a school night! Why is Rachel on the computer! Get to bed!!!!!

02-24-20_8-04-03 PM

Ross chats up Brittni. Super cute!

02-24-20_8-14-49 PM


02-24-20_8-15-56 PM

Thanks for the help Brittni! We REALLY NEED IT!!!! I still love her!!!!

02-24-20_8-16-32 PM

Did her water break?!?!?!?! No…she peed herself while making breakfast…..

02-24-20_8-18-26 PM

Johnny takes a Family leave day since the new baby will be born sometime today and everyone is in either the red or orange…..I have never struggled this much to keep sims happy!

02-24-20_8-21-48 PM

We finally get Siya to a yellow and she goes into labour! We are going to send her to the hospital without Johnny this time!

02-24-20_8-23-18 PM

Baby time! PLEASE JUST BE ONE BABY!!!!!!

02-24-20_8-24-28 PM

ONE BABY!!!! YAY!!!! Meet Monica! She looks like she is afraid Siya will eat her! lol This may be the last baby of this generation. I was going to do a full house at 6 kids but the twins have changed my mind lol. 2 girls and 2 boys are pretty even for an heir poll later on! I may change my mind again. I will decide for sure when we get the twins to childhood! See you next time!

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