You still make my crazy little heart go boom! Baby Boom Challenge Chapter 1

Hello readers! This is my first attempt at a challenge with the Sims 4. I have a history of failing legacies and challenges with the Sims 2&3 but I am older and more mature now so maybe I can succeed at a challenge now in my old age (almost 30!). After seeking help from my Boolprop community on which challenge I should attempt I have chosen the Baby Boom Challenge. I figure it is one generation not 10 like a legacy so maybe my attention span wont wander off. This challenge means that I must have a couple that pops out 12 boys and 12 girls. You can see the whole list of rules here:

So let’s jump right in and meet our “lucky” couple!

09-28-18_10-18-10 PM

Meet Alvin DaBomb (because I’m super creative like that!) I tried to make this as random as possible just for fun so I randomized his appearance and his first name. I however chose his traits and such. Also, just to warn you, I do not currently have any EP’s or CC so hopefully you don’t get too bored with my basic Sims 4 Deluxe lol. I am still a Sims 4 Newbie afterall lol. Alvin has the Computer Whiz aspiration and he is a Goofball, Geek and Family Oriented Sim.

09-28-18_10-18-40 PM

Now let’s meet his lovely (soon to be) wife Vanessa DaBomb! Maybe one of you readers can tell me if there is a way to make them start out married when you are creating a family? I couldn’t figure it out so we get to do the whole meet, fall in love, get engaged and get married in 8 hours! Vanesssa has the Big Happy Family aspiration (for obvious reasons lol) and she is a Foodie, Family Oriented and Neat Sim. Her appearance was also randomized except I chose her hairstyle because I didn’t like the random one lol.

09-28-18_10-23-27 PM

I bulldozed a giant lot for them to live on because they need to live poor for one and they eventually need a big house to fit all of their kids! I know they won’t all be living here at the same time but you still need a big house for 8 sims to live comfortably!

09-28-18_10-30-38 PM

This is their home complete with the knight statue guarding the bathroom door.

09-28-18_10-31-36 PM

Now to work on getting these two married!

09-28-18_10-35-08 PM

She looks amused for sure…

09-28-18_10-42-26 PM

First kiss! We are getting somewhere!

09-28-18_10-44-47 PM

And the proposal! It’s all happening so fast! I feel like they just met! Oh yeah….

09-28-18_10-46-28 PM

They are exchanging vows. I just love how Alvin is posed in this picture.

09-28-18_10-46-38 PM

They are officially married! Yay!

09-28-18_10-47-36 PM

Time to get this family started!

09-28-18_10-49-33 PM

Alvin has had a pretty eventful day! This particular smile is not because he just got out of bed with his new wife but because he just got into the Tech Guru Career! He is now a Live Chat Support Agent!

09-28-18_10-50-19 PM

And it’s a good thing since it seems we have a positive pregnancy test!

09-28-18_10-52-50 PM

Now study that cooking skill! I don’t want any fires and you will be cooking for many little people!

09-28-18_10-53-55 PM

I send Alvin exploring to dig up and collect stuff to start out our house fund.

09-28-18_10-59-37 PM

I also have him studying the gardening skill so they can grow their own food and sell all the excess! They will both be doing the gardening and so will their offspring once they are old enough.

09-28-18_11-02-03 PM

They are eating their first home cooked meal together!

09-28-18_11-04-31 PM

They seem so comfortable together even though they just met!

09-28-18_11-10-18 PM

First night on their new lawn. Maybe someday they will have a house on it!

09-28-18_11-29-10 PM

Hi! My name is Duhmee and I am a Sims 4 Newbie! For some reason I had it in my head that you needed to buy planters to have a garden….I quickly learned that I was wrong but oh well! Starting up the garden so they can eat and have a house and stuff!

09-28-18_11-30-24 PM

Gardening together!

09-29-18_8-53-31 PM

We scavenged enough to be able to buy a cheap computer that Alvin needs for his job performance!

09-29-18_9-27-00 PM

Yeah I totally forgot to take a “Baby is Coming!” Picture so here she is back from the hospital with her bright red plumbob!

09-29-18_9-27-39 PM

And meet Baby girl #1 Betty! I decided to name all the babies starting with the letter B. Should be pretty tricky by the end lol. If there are any spare boys or girls outside the required 12 I may choose different letters for their names.

09-29-18_9-28-40 PM

Look! We feed the baby! How exciting! No really….Sim babies are pretty boring so you will notice that there wont be many pics until she becomes a toddler!

09-29-18_9-30-36 PM

Alvin got a promotion! He also became a dad while he was at work and he has no idea yet! Maybe the Sims 5 will make the option to call your husband frantically at work while you are in labor lol.

09-29-18_9-31-38 PM

He goes over to meet his daughter right away! Awwwww!!!

09-29-18_9-35-09 PM

Yep! Still lawn living with a baby!

09-29-18_10-09-33 PM

Baby days are over! Told you there wouldn’t be many pics during the baby days!

09-29-18_10-13-59 PM

Betty was given the inquisitive trait. Should be fun. Toddler that constantly wants to learn!

09-29-18_10-16-52 PM

Also we don’t currently have the funds for a dresser or a mirror so….no makeover for this toddler yet! lol As you can see behind her though we are starting to put up walls for the house!

09-29-18_10-27-33 PM

*insert colorful language here*

09-29-18_10-28-17 PM

Impressed that she runs away from the fire with the toddler. Not impressed that now no one can put the fire out or call for the fire department….. Obviously I didn’t think to put a smoke alarm on the lawn….

09-29-18_10-28-24 PM

Hero in action right there!

09-29-18_10-28-57 PM

Now what?

09-29-18_10-30-12 PM

Called Alvin home from work early hoping that he can put out the fire!

09-29-18_10-30-47 PM


09-29-18_10-31-05 PM

Fire is out luckily! And no one died so I get to make a Chapter 2 at some point! Gonna leave it here for now because I find this Chapter was eventful enough! lol See you next time!


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