You Still Make My Crazy Little Heart Go BOOM! Baby Boom Challenge Chapter 2

Welcome back! I am surprised that I was able to update this fast but I just had to keep going! It probably won’t happen quick like this too often since I have a full-time job and a 3 year old. Just don’t come and inspect my housekeeping skills that I neglected to work on this challenge!

If you remember, last chapter we started off the family with our first girl named Betty.

09-29-18_10-31-05 PM

Also there was a fire and Alvin came home from work to save the day.

09-29-18_10-37-15 PM

My favorite thing about the Sims 4 so far has to be that we no longer have to deal with the high chairs and toddlers being left in highchairs and whatnot. Love how toddlers are a bit more independent now!

09-29-18_10-44-31 PM

Cute toddler bath time pic in a really ugly bathroom!

09-29-18_10-52-17 PM

And we are continuing with the challenge! Another baby on the way!

09-29-18_10-55-10 PM

Alvin is also an involved parent when he isn’t out earning the family money so that they don’t have to live on the lawn forever.

10-08-18_10-23-09 PM

And we could afford a toddler makeover! Yay! Yes I still don’t have any CC or EP’s yet. I haven’t even looked into CC yet and I’m too broke for an EP at the moment lol. If anyone can suggest any decent Sims 4 CC sites I would appreciate it! 🙂

10-08-18_10-26-14 PM

Learning to talk outside the ugly dirty bathroom.

10-08-18_11-03-09 PM

The garden continues to bring in some money for us and Betty follows her mommy everywhere!

10-08-18_11-42-41 PM

She looks chill but she is actually in labor right now. I remembered to take the pic this time! Yay me!

10-08-18_11-45-43 PM

Decided to birth at home since we can’t hire a babysitter.

10-08-18_11-47-31 PM

*insert colorful words here* it’s twins…..

10-09-18_9-22-34 PM

Twin girls at that. Meet Girls 2&3 Bethany and Brittany.

10-09-18_9-51-20 PM

Aww another cute Betty pic. Wait! Are those walls around her? Whose house is she in? Was she taken away and adopted by a family that can afford walls?!?!? Nope! WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!

10-09-18_9-54-50 PM

It’s still a pretty empty house but here is the girls’ bedroom which only has Betty in it right now. I did not build a Boys room yet since there are no boys yet….Hopefully the next one is a boy….and not twins….or triplets…

10-09-18_10-00-02 PM

Here is the master bath….and currently only furnished bathroom. The other bathroom only has a potty in it right now lol.

10-09-18_10-10-26 PM

Alvin came home with a promotion so we decided to make the kitchen a little nicer. This is the before pic.

10-09-18_10-13-38 PM

And this is after. I will be adding on to it as we make more money.

10-09-18_10-19-44 PM

This is the master bedroom that currently only has a bed and 2 bassinets in it.

10-09-18_10-33-04 PM

Time to age up the twins! This is Bethany. She now has the Angelic trait. She aged up with glasses for some reason so I will keep them!

10-09-18_10-34-16 PM

And this is Brittany. She has the independent trait and will also be keeping her glasses!

10-09-18_10-50-03 PM

Here they are after their makeovers! Brittany is in back and Bethany in front.

10-09-18_10-54-47 PM

I will end this chapter with this cute pic of the twins! I am not sure how I will survive 3 toddlers in the house! Betty doesn’t age up for 3 days! I would age her up sooner but I want her to do more toddler skilling. I think we will be waiting a bit before trying for another baby. I am scared of having more multiples and being overwhelmed by toddlers! See you next time!

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