You Still Make My Crazy Little Heart Go BOOM! Chapter 3

Welcome back! I told you that I wouldn’t be as quick at posting updates! Life has been busy! Finally here is Chapter 3! Remember we left off with the twins becoming toddlers. We are at 3 girls right now and 0 boys.

10-14-18_9-11-15 PM

Here we have some family bonding time. We will need to get a bigger couch at some point…

10-14-18_9-16-47 PM

The girls’ room is getting a little more furniture! Mostly because there are now 3 toddlers so 3 beds. At least it’s less empty now.

10-14-18_9-18-31 PM

Alvin enjoys breaking the computer when I tell him to level up for work purposes…

10-14-18_9-18-39 PM

Just don’t electrocute yourself while you fix that!

10-14-18_9-29-01 PM

Toddler skillz! Not easy to keep track of 3 skilling toddlers at a time!

10-14-18_9-34-09 PM

I caved and bought a doll house…. let’s see how long it takes to get smashed!

10-14-18_9-37-28 PM

And here we are not waiting too long to start on more babies.

10-14-18_10-25-01 PM

More family members calls for bigger couches! Also notice the red plumbob….this happens a lot in this house! Sims 4 newbie here!

10-14-18_10-39-15 PM

Betty grows up with the “forgot my birthday” moodlet…. I didn’t forget! I just couldn’t figure out how to do the whole birthday cake thing….my bad… As a toddler she didn’t max any skills. Communication 4, Imagination 4, Movement 4, Potty 3, and Thinking 3. She did earn the Happy Toddler trait. As a child she also became Creative and is an Artist Prodigy. Her skills are Social 2, Mental 1, Creativity 2, and Motor 2.

10-14-18_10-41-39 PM

We have our first monster under the bed! Super annoying! Why did they have to add this?!?!?!?

10-14-18_10-42-36 PM

Super annoyingly wakes up parents who are beyond exhausted.

10-14-18_10-43-31 PM

Vanessa sprays invisible monster and everyone can sleep again.

10-14-18_10-54-35 PM

Betty’s first homework assignment!

10-14-18_10-55-42 PM

Bathrooms are always gross here! At least Vanessa increases her fun every time she cleans! Also notice the unhealthy plumbob again.

10-14-18_10-59-15 PM

Betty also seems to enjoy cleaning which is awesome!

10-14-18_11-11-46 PM

Testing out those creativity skills with our new activity table!

10-14-18_11-18-31 PM

For some reason everyone likes to eat on the toddler beds….The couches are closer but they still end up here…. Maybe someday we will be able to buy a dining table.

10-14-18_11-23-08 PM

Vanessa went into labour in the garden this time. Don’t think this will get you out of garden duty!

10-14-18_11-25-25 PM

We have our first boy!!!!! Meet Brody!

10-14-18_11-28-57 PM

I don’t remember why I took this picture….but here is Betty! Probably coming home from doing something big and important at school that I forgot about!

10-14-18_11-32-35 PM

So she decides to go do her homework on her parents’ bed.

10-14-18_11-38-21 PM

Sent Alvin out scavenging for things to help us buy stuff!

10-14-18_11-40-32 PM

I apparently like to take pics of sleeping kids.

10-14-18_11-53-22 PM

Toddlers busy being toddlers! Skills aren’t going as well as I had hoped. Hopefully at least one of them will max something before aging up!

10-15-18_9-48-48 PM

More hanging out in the girls’ room.

10-15-18_9-59-06 PM

Every once in a while I have to kick Betty out of her parents’ bed and into her own.

10-15-18_10-09-06 PM

Brody is a Toddler now so we are back to having 3 toddlers in the house….Yay….Also Brody is Wild….Should be fun….

10-15-18_10-14-34 PM

Here he is after his makeover.

10-15-18_10-19-57 PM

Skills little man! Skills!

10-15-18_12-03-28 AM

Here is the start of the boys’ room!

11-27-18_9-16-33 PM

More art! And the dollhouse has moved to the common area and hasn’t been smashed yet!

11-27-18_9-18-35 PM

Family meal with half the family! Actually in the living room and not in the girls’ room!

11-27-18_9-20-24 PM

Is this just a Wild Toddler thing? I have never seen a streaking toddler before! I quickly sent him back in the house and made him put clothes on!

11-27-18_9-24-06 PM

I love the parent and toddler play time!

11-27-18_9-30-10 PM

Brody was the first to smash the doll house. Vanessa doesn’t care much because her sandwich smells really good.

11-27-18_9-35-48 PM

So cute when one of the kids runs to meet Alvin when he gets home from work!

11-27-18_9-42-04 PM

More meals on toddler beds. Also I moved them to the middle of the room because the twins will be aging up soon so we needed bigger beds!

11-27-18_9-42-30 PM

Vanessa is starting up her painting skill so she can eventually paint portraits of all the family members.

11-27-18_9-46-06 PM

Twins just having a chat

11-27-18_10-02-21 PM

We got a TV! Apparently the TV stand is the best place for dirty dishes….

11-27-18_10-09-05 PM

Brittany ages up with no cake!

11-27-18_10-20-52 PM

Annoyed because of lack of cake. Here she is after her makeover! She maxed Communication and Imagination as a Toddler which I am really impressed about! Movement 4, Potty 2, Thinking 2. She is now a Whiz kid and a Genius. Social 2, Creativity 2, Mental 1, and Motor 2. Also earned Happy Toddler.

11-27-18_10-27-42 PM

Bethany also ages up without a cake.

11-27-18_10-36-46 PM

Here she is after her makeover. She maxed Imagination. Communication 4, Movement 3, Potty 1, and Thinking 2. She is now Rambunctious Scamp and Active. Also earned the Happy Toddler.

I will leave you with that for now. Next time maybe more babies? Maybe I will learn how to do birthdays? Maybe someone could tell me how? lol Who knows! This is as far as I got in playing so I have no idea what will happen in the next chapter but see you then! Probably not until after Christmas but who knows!

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